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We are specialised in a wide range of installations for industrial, commercial and domestic market. We care about safety, efficiency and costs this three words are the golden rules of our business. We achieve this by implementing a different approach of thinking and learning process. Our engineers obtain training from our supplier but also inside our company. We take the time then we perfect the method for efficiency and cost saving .We are specialised for the fallowing products : roller shutters doors, sectional doors, high speed doors, dock levellers, electric gates, car park barriers, security doors, fire doors, sliding doors, bollards, windows bars, security grilles, internal doors, awnings systems, canopy roofs, garage doors, loading bay equipment, shelving, racking protection, safety barrier systems, emergency doors, strip curtains, corner protection, kerbs, front doors, smoking shelters, a wide range of building services and much more, get in touch with us we might be able to help you. Stay safe, stay secured.


With +10 years of experience you can be 100% sure that you are in good hands.

We collaborate with the biggest product suppliers on the market assuring you that you get the best product and services to suit your needs and giving you the best value for the money complemented with an excellent customer service.

We are P.A.S

“Experience you can trust”

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Roller shutters doors installation, sectional doors installation, high speed doors installation, dock levellers installation, electric gate installation ,car park installation, security doors installation, fire doors installation, sliding doors installation, locksmith services, bollards installation, cable protectors installation, hose ramps installation, dock bumpers installation, dock buffers installation, dock lights installation, parking control installation, safety signs installation, dock shelters installation ,dock seals installation, trailer plates installation, wheel guides installation, vehicle restraint systems installation, windows bars installation, internal doors installation awnings systems installation, canopy roofs installation, garage doors installation, loading bay equipment installation, pallet racking installation, shelving installation, racking protection installation, safety barrier systems installation, emergency doors installation, strip curtains installation, corner protection installation, kerbs installation, front doors installation, bike racks installation, smoking shelters installation, building services and we keep growing…


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