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A waterproof canopy which extends out from a building to provide weather protection between loading dock doors and the opening of a truck.Dock seals or dock shelters – compressible foam blocks against which the truck presses when parked; seals are used at exterior truck bays in colder climates where this will provide protection from the weather

About Dock Shelter and Seals.

Four golden rules when choosing a dock shelter :Environmental Considerations: Dock seals and shelters can help control the temperature “delta” between the “facility” and ambient exterior conditions. Reducing air flow at the dock goes a long way in conserving energy and produces tangible savings.Employee Comfort: Hot or cold outside temperatures that infiltrate the building can create employee discomfort and lead to an unproductive work force. Dock seals and shelters control the facility’s environment adding to employee comfort and productivitySafety: The infiltration of snow and/or rain can make floors and dock levellers slippery and unsafe. Dock seals and shelters protect workers and products from outside elements and enhances overall safety at the dock.Security and Theft: Dock seals and shelters substantially limit the open area between trucks and the warehouse, which can greatly decrease the likelihood of pilferage at the dock area.Dock Seal: In general dock seals are constructed of foam covered fabric sized to compress and seal against the rear of a trailer. A dock seal is typically applied with smaller door openings and can achieve up to 90% efficiency when controlling air flow at the dock.Fixed Head Dock Seal:This type of dock seal incorporates a foam filled side and head pad. It is one of the more popular and effective dock seals when the application calls for common dock parameters and uniform trucks at the dock.Head Curtain Dock Seal :This type of dock seal incorporates foam filled side pads and is popular and effective in applications where a wide variety of trailer heights are experienced and/or a wide range of facility door heights are present. It is common for the unit to have either a fixed or adjustable fabric head curtain specific in length to service known fleets of trailers. Optional foam filled curtains can help seal the trailer and provide greater energy efficiency.Adjustable Head Pad Seals :This type of seal was once popular years ago but has since lessened in popularity due to the required moving parts and cost of ownership versus other acceptable models. Similar to the “Head Curtain” seal, this product can service varying height vehicles at a wide range of door heights. Similar to the “Fixed Head” dock seal it incorporates a foam pad proving a higher level of energy efficiency. “L” Shaped Dock Seal : The name of this dock seal originates from its “L” shaped side pads. The shape of the seal and the increased projection makes it ideally suited to work on wider door openings. The shape and projection are designed to seal the sides of the trailer rather than the back enabling wider and improved access to the rear of the trailer. The “L” shaped seal can have either a “fixed head” or “curtain” header. Inflatable Seal : The inflatable seal incorporates an external blower/fan assembly and inflates after a trailer is positioned at the dock. Since the unit is electrical in nature, it is common to interlock these units with the dock equipment or overhead door so to activate only when truck is actively serviced. A variety of shapes and sizes are available. Dock Shelter: General dock shelters are constructed of wood or metal frame and can be rigid or flexible. Fabric and/or fiberglass generally attached to the outer surface and fabric curtains attach to the face of the unit and seal the sides and top of the transport vehicle as it backs through the product. A dock shelter is typically applied to larger door openings where truck configurations may vary and achieve up to 70% efficiency when controlling air flow at the dock.Rigid Dock Shelter :Description: The most popular shelter, the “Rigid Dock Shelter” is widely accepted for oversized doors, a variety of trailer heights are present and where full access to the rear of the trailer is important. Rigid sides and head frames are supported by steel supports and typically are constructed with either fiberglass sides or a “light emitting” fabric to illuminate the dock area during daytime loading. The head member also acts as a “canopy” and can even support a snow load reducing the need for expensive architectural canopies popular with dock seals. Flexible Shelters : This shelter fits on oversized doors and services a wide variety of trailer types and sizes while providing wide access to the back of the trailer. The shelter is either gravity or spring biased to hold tight to the trailer, yet yield should an offcenter trailer approach and impact the sides. The “flexible nature” of the product is designed to reduce building and shelter damage should an approaching truck impact the unit. Inflatable Shelter :Similar to other shelter products this unit seals the sides of the trailer permitting full access to the rear of the trailer. An integral blower assembly inflates the side members. Since the unit is electrical in nature, it is common to interlock these units with the dock equipment or overhead door so to activate only when truck is actively serviced. A variety of shapes and sizes are available. Mechanical Rail Shelter : A basic shelter that is spring loaded or counterweighted and designed to extend once the rail car is positioned at the opening. The unit is available in an array of sizes given the doors in a rail area are often oversized to allow flexibility to the positioning of a heavy rail car. These shelters can be three sided or four sided to reduce air flow at the opening. It is good practice to combine the shelter with an overhead “canopy” to protect the unit in the stored position.

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